Trail Rated Coffee Company is an action-oriented company full of avid coffee enthusiasts who love being on the trails.  We believe trails are like arteries to the soul. Some of our best memories have been on trails. Whether it is camping with friends, hiking a remote mountain pass, or gazing at the sunrise over the hood of a Jeep in Moab. Trails and coffee have been a central part of our happiness and the reason we are committed to trail restoration projects. 

Over the years we have watched the popularity of offroading, Overlanding, and camping explode in America. Improvements to vehicles, and equipment, have made trails more accessible than ever before. Through social media people from all walks of life are now exposed to remote places like never before. This new gold rush has put a tremendous burden on our trail systems.  Litter, heavy traffic, and reduced resources have led to many trails falling into disrepair or worse being closed altogether. Most trail systems are maintained by federal, or state agencies with limited staff and budgets. These agencies prioritize large national parks and or safety concerns first, leaving many of the trails we enjoy in disrepair, self-regulated or closed.  Seeing trails closed and the places we love fall into disrepair was not something we were willing to just let happen.  
As a company, we are dedicated to revive, repair and reopen one million miles of trails across America. Trails are the arteries that bring us all together. Without a reliable trail system, many of the activities, events, and fun we enjoy would not exist. A portion of every sale goes directly to trail preservation. Trail Rated Coffee Company is committed to providing resources and volunteer services directly to offroad clubs and non-profit organizations to revive, repair, and reopen one million miles of trails across America for everyone to enjoy.