Tread Lightly! and its partners lead a national initiative to protect and enhance recreation access and opportunities by promoting outdoor ethics to heighten individuals’ sense of good stewardship. Check out their website by clicking here.
CORE is an action group based out of Buena Vista. We are avid trail users and we love going on trails, but we also work to keep our trails open. We have 14 adopted trails, we do work projects, provide trail reports and we work with land managers to ensure motorized users are represented when they make decisions. Click here to learn more. CORE LOGO
Colorado 4x4 Girls offers the female 4x4 enthusiast a no-pressure environment to get out on the trails and learn new skills while establishing close bonds through off-roading trips, retreats, camping weekends, and much more! Colorado 4x4 Girls works with other off-roading groups and clubs to keep our trails clean, accessible, and OPEN. Click here to learn more. COLORADO 4X4 GIRLS

BIO - Brofessor BATS and Friends is a weekly LIVE podcast that is aired on Facebook and YouTube.  JoeytheBROfessor and Tony from BATS Off-Road have guests each week from the Overlanding Community that bring their personal insight into living the lifestyle that we all love.  Relevant topics, helpful hints, cooking tips and many other great ideas come to life as these guys talk about the latest gear, best places to travel, and latest adventures they have been on.

BROFESSOR and Friends